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Website Rewrite

I've found it increasingly frustrating to write posts with Wordpress' Gutenberg editor, annoyed by its slow and overly simple interface and the insertion of ever more layers of complexity between me and readers. In similar measure, as far as I can see, Wordpress theming has only gotten more complicated and with that the sole domain of theme designers, to the detriment of regular writers. I am really not interested in SEO gimmicks and ad space and all the other junk that makes websites today complicated and lame, its really frustrating to have to wade through all that muck to try to make a simple theme tweak.

So, time for a new website and workflow: markdown written in any text editor, processed into a static site by 11ty / eleventy, with theme tweaked only slightly from a demo blog website.

11ty comes with an rss feed, I encourage you to subscribe.

If something seems broken please send a screenshot and os/browser, thanks for reading. This post on twitter.