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IEEE IROS 2014: Interleaved Continuum-Rigid Manipulation Development and Evaluation

See my post at the Robotics and Intelligent Systems Lab for a recap of my presentation at IEEE IROS 2014...reproduced below.

A new manipulation approach, referred to as interleaved continuum-rigid manipulation, which combines inherently safe, flexible actuated segments with more precise embedded rigid-link joints is described. The redundantly actuated manipulator possesses the safety characteristics inherent in flexible segment devices while gaining some of the performance gains possible with rigid-link joint systems. A demonstration prototype was developed, the purpose of which was to explore the design space as well as demonstrate the feasibility of the approach in a clinically-relevant form. The overall design is described along with performance data evaluating its functionality.

Conrad B., Zinn M., Interleaved continuum-rigid manipulation approach: Development and functional evaluation of a clinical scale manipulator, 2014 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems; 2014 14-18 Sept. 2014

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