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Consider a Facebook/Netflix/etc. app that analyzes a user's profile to determine how sheltered they may be relative to their peers.  This data would be presented to the user, accompanied by a breakout plan to get them up to their peer norm.  Offers from media providers (Netflix/Amazon/etc.) would encourage the user to 'rectify' the situation through term-limited catch-up deals/packages ($10 to 'get' Game of Thrones or $20 and the Fifty Shades of Gray will be on your doorstep tomorrow).

The obvious revenue elements are:

  • kickbacks from providers (essentially referral fees),
  • demographic intuition for advertisers (what groups are not responding to our advertising campaigns),
  • appreciation from data providers (for promoting complete taste profiles),
  • social literacy trivia games (à la Jeopardy), and
  • offers in an ongoing to-do list to maintain social literacy (number and frequency of entries informed by prior rectification speed/thoroughness).

The offerings should also be tailored by age/maturation as the desire to be socially-literate varies/decreases with age.

I can't say I would use such a 'service', but because the data and revenue model should/will as well.