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In response to #PennyForNASA's campaign to double NASA's funding, I emailed my representatives:

Dear Sen. Ron Johnson [R, WI], Sen. Herbert Kohl [D, WI], Rep. Tammy Baldwin [D, WI-2]:

I'm an engineer and I support Doubling Funding for NASA and U.S. Involvement in Space because solving difficult problems drives innovation while inspiring the nation.  Manned space exploration is one of the most interdisciplinary applications of high-technology.  Though founded on winning the Cold War, I believe the largest benefit of the Apollo program of Moon landings was the installation of a 'can-do' attitude across the nation's work force.  When walking on the Moon - a recognizable feature of an idyllicized future -  was recent memory, there could be no doubt that our country was capable of building that idyllic future.  Thus we started the computer revolution which has now made possible the most democratizing and freedom-spreading communications medium, the Internet.  This was not an aim of the Apollo program; we beat the USSR, but in so doing created a number of audacious and innovative generations.  These generations created the information economy, whose profits have defended our preeminence among nations.  Stimulate our country; fund our future.

I would enjoy further discussion on innovation, competitiveness, exploration, and/or our country's future at your leisure.

-Ben Conrad