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SF Pictures

—Pictures from my January trip to visit Lisa and Brian in San Francisco.

Pictures from Big Bend National Park

I spent Memorial Day weekend hiking around Big Bend National Park, located in southwest Texas. It was hot, super-dry, and a 10 hour drive from Houston, but I enjoyed exploring the mountains and getting out of Houston. The high fire danger prohibited backcountry camping in the higher elevations, so I hiked about 15 miles on […]

STS-130 Launch

We left Madison on Friday, drove straight to Florida for the planned Sunday launch, saw it go up Monday morning, and were back in Madison 11:30 Tuesday.  Lots of driving, but a great launch to see. NASA’s HD footage STS-130 Pictures: From Chris Spaceflight Now press site, remote cameras  

NASA Kennedy Space Center

Summer at Kennedy Space Center I’m in Florida at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. I’ll hope to share a couple of the cool things I’m doing here: Here’s a map of the area. Contents: First Week June into July GOES-O Launch The Fourth of July Family Visit STS-127 STS-128 Great Smokey Mountains National Park KSC Study […]

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Laser Building in Germany

Intro   As I’ve said elsewhere, I’m heading to Germany to complete a sensor system I’ve been working on for the past year with Prof. Scott Sanders, supported by LaVision, GmbH. I’ve covered the project-specific details and have a couple documents here. I fly out of Chicago this Saturday (5/30) and will arrive in Frankfurt […]

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