Consider a Facebook/Netflix/etc. app that analyzes a user’s profile to determine how sheltered they may be relative to their peers.  This data would be presented to the user, accompanied by a breakout plan to get them up to their peer norm.  Offers from media providers (Netflix/Amazon/etc.) would encourage the user to ‘rectify’ the situation through term-limited catch-up deals/packages ($10 to ‘get’ Game of Thrones or $20 and the Fifty Shades of Gray will be on your doorstep tomorrow).  The obvious revenue elements are kickbacks from providers (essentially referral fees), demographic intuition for advertisers (what groups are not responding to our advertising campaigns), appreciation from data providers (for promoting complete taste profiles), social literacy trivia games (à la Jeopardy), and offers in an ongoing to-do list to maintain social literacy (number and frequency of entries informed by prior rectification speed/thoroughness).  The offerings should also be tailored by age/maturation as the desire to be socially-literate varies/decreases with age.

I can’t say I would use such a ‘service’, but because the data and revenue model exist it should as well.


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